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Lights … Camera … Income …

Bored of doing the same 9-5 job? Stuck in the rat race and want to explore your creative side?

Then your at the right place. I have been doing photography professionally for ___  years and using all my skills and knowledge I have developed the new photography course.

I want to help and extend my knowledge further to others into improving their photography skills, whether as a hobby or as a profession. My 4 day course delves deep into the entire process of being a photographer. From models to effects and everything in between.

Day 1

Introduction – This sections covers the basic introduction of photography for beginners

Camera shopping – We will visit a camera shop to explore various camera’s and equipment required to make your photography a successful career.

Knowledge of equipments – We will discuss the equipment in more detail and why the type of equipments is required and what optional.

Camera settings – Here we discuss the camera settings in more detail and answer any buring questions about your DSLR camera.

Flashgun setting – A detail study of the flashgun requirements and settings.

Discussions – We can at this point have discussions about anything which has been missed or what topics you would like to cover further in detail.

Day 2

Shooting day with models – We take a look at the life of a real photography session with real life models

Indoor shooting techniques – Here we look at how to take indoor photography and using lighting available indoors.

Studio lighting techniques – We will discuss the variety of ways lighting can be used to take professional looking photographs of any scenery.

Outdoor lighting techniques – Here we look at how to take outdoor photography and using lighting available in nature, outdoors.

How to Advertise your business – This is for those who want to use photography as more than a hobby. I will provide step by step information on setting up your own photography business and how to advertise using the tried and tested methods.

Day 3

Task day – I will be providing a bespoke task to each photographer to venture out on their own and use their own creativity and initiative to bring back artistic photographs.

Adobe Photoshop – A popular tool used to add effects to photograph/ A introduction to photoshop your own photograghs using various effects will be taught.

Adobe Lightroom – Lightroom is another graphic manipulation tool which we will have a look at and it’s benefits compared to Photoshop.

Airbrush and editing – These affects will be taught in detail using Photoshop and Lightroom

Album creation – Here we look at developing and building our very own portfolio of photographs from all the sessions to date.

Congratulations! You are now skilled to be a professional photographer. And remember….practice makes perfect! 🙂

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