Rehan Siddique - Photography

Why Rehan Siddique Photography ...


For most of your wedding day, we will take photographs naturally showing the day for it’s true moments, blending into the background with guests and venue layout. I will observe and capture moments as they happen organically, no posing while everyone enjoys the day.

Smiles, laughter, tears and tender moments, all caught on photographs without having you realise that I am doing so, hence creating a more relaxed and natural vibe and spontaneous photographs.


I may on occasions sense your readiness for more pictures and will arrange some photographs to be taken away from guests in a nicely set area of the venue or outdoor scenery, depending on the natural lighting available.

This part involves relaxed photos together as a new couple. We can then go for a short walk where the couple can ease with themselves naturally.


Wedding photography trends come and go, but your wedding photos should look amazing forever. My aim is to give you photographs that will look good even when your grandchildren discover your album, in many years to come.

Although, we do not do colour-spot, or Instagram type effects, these are not timeless looks. Your photos will stand the test of time; vibrant, uncluttered, and beautiful.

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